simply place to donate to course as such or from profits


(still to change big freedom fund free as charity too)


but too place to let any need know from foundation members and all


so they can be fulfilled as much as can free or yes with contributions


and yes to find people to do it


just use contact form or any other way


always welcome







same time



ultimate business but in my alternative way


customer says what and i satisfy when can


covers all money coming in all businesses


but same time profits after cost to charity








and yes anything given entirely up to you


up to you want you give and


up to you what you give it for and too


up to you which way bank or paypal or any way


and yes all OPEN and online


except when not wanted


so yes every penny you can say and see


online ore email or anyway to make sure


and yes registration when time


as always anything welcome






then yes did check your website club4cases and very good tried to register but said email already used but yes will try or yes let know then yes fits nice for me of course first would be big freedom foundation and yes second same no brainer save the children but as in big freedom foundation giver has all the say and yes all in the open then yes foundation not yet registered but when time and certainly most sustainable as charity too might be only one who does call for more than charity but real full and enforceable human rights or as you might know and want benefits not charity and yes save the children second choice as when give any normal charity certainly there first as first to save life and further yes of the totally innocent so yes hope so and yes get somewhere but yes you and all let know anything welcome



point once said how then could it be that only eternal when try to save all instead some and then only my big freedom party



Where to find us:


big freedom foundation



selbourne crescent

wolverhampton WV1 2EB



Phone: 01902 691231

mobile to text 07493102943



Or use our contact form.






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