EARTHQUAKE in nepal about 10000 dead big freedom foundation tries non dying in yes make that a enforcable human right too and that right now or yes as fast as possible then yes till fixed charity then how nobody dies in respecting creation and with it the creator and learn and do like safe cave house near hill top with view or at least ground floor with door to walk out when as they did proof safe vin japan and yes land with enough food water and all around and too yes mobiles and all keeps working and drones continue to bring food and yes robots continue to work for you so you can follow your call and art between humans and yes helicopter too to get anywhere plus yes always needed a second place and the means to get there like a harrier in another safe cave then yes for all of that we have to get much richer and yes much lesser people as only one earth lesser people easy through responsibility for your free decision and having to provide for your children as long as they live with insurance or insurance will give it to children but take it from you or yes work in prison but really only means to make all of that sure in the end is land enough land even when anything happens in nature as in past leading to lesser food as always easily up to 100 times lesser food so yes need 100 times more land then no agriculture will use only 1 percent of the food reserves only economical in nature means no agriculture and say 10 times lesser growing so we are up to food only left for 1000 times lesser people means millions not billions or yes in nepal as in the uk maybe only a small strip in the south free from ice in the ice age but like greenland now so yes even lesser people then another 10 to 100 times lesser right now over 30 million there 1000 times lesser is over 30 thousand and another 10 to 100 times lesser only say lesser than 1000 or 200 affected get help by 800 and yes some climbers but not base camp right on glacier where of course any avelanche comes down as yes happened even in todays world when so less they might be rich enough to do most what written above then yes we dont want countries so bit different but certainly some thoughts to get us on the way and enough for now so lets say as always welcome


PROTESTS in baltimore and yes fire same answer as to earthquake before full and enforcable human rights but yes no violence ensured by drones to protect police any more to say yes welcome


news to anyone in the uk you just voted for cameron to say what you can say and by way when didnt know gave away all your HUMAN RIGHTS now anything welcome

then some more wanted to slap cameron when got elected then yes he cannot slap me more sustainable ice age will turn uk in another greenland and anyway everybody should move i soon people dont know but they voted away all their human rights to cameron my ones too so why should stay where no human and yes new law to shut down big freedom foundation and shut me up too and yes take my house too even to stop blood pressure pills to kill me and yes go out of europe and send all germans home plus snow more this winter more yes prevent beter democracy and any unbritish thinking illegal open but not for that and all not in big freedom foundation then obviously bit jokingly but sorry truth behind it then yes never any violence just words and welcome


SYRIA in short stop violence let vote help to build and yes then repay anything welcome


20000 unnecesserily death children a day and yes not in the news and yes big freedom foundation calls for real and full enforcable human rights for them and all charity ok but didnt do it and do you want rights or charity so them but all said before then here really anything welcome







said years ago before syria by poor

then yes their human right to sue for what they need the way they want it for others only to give when can

and yes they would sue to stop violence let vote help to build and yes would have to repay by un or willing as i said before syria

then yes as is most to country with same language near or english but support

what more very simple and clear 




and government dissolved but isnt it same

stop violence let vote help to build and yes repay



then news for today

can elect CORBYN but the old politis failed or yes will fail same as religion did new spirituality and yes party of big freedom foundation always most sustainable and to stay so yes anything welcome



and yes said before

big freedom party will like corbyn should always do what people want but say what he thinks then always majority and ELECTED and in power now welcome



email to corbyn for pmqs

then good to let you know some yes stand for humanity full and enforceable human rights in the context of letting freedoms order and as to becoming prime minister only can say as system is easy just do what people want till change there mind with saying what you think but more and all said before in big freedom foundation I founded or better I am just google big freedom foundation and yes let know short always anything welcome



second scottish independence vote
then yes said before vote no brexit but change then only can hope work permit and little duty or pay to europe to keep scotland northern ireland wales and so on but anyway countries are apartheid google big freedom foundation
king had spirit obama bit trump non no spirit means temporary and will fail get eternal google and join big freedom party and foundation and yes one church too















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