So yes one creation one creator one god needs one church

for yes all churches and none too for all in creation

so yes all welcome to go there way in creation

more soon but what more to say

so for now as always welcome


and yes no choice but to be in creation and so in creator




and yes could say religion is delusion whereas the one is very real google big freedoms one church
and yes when ask for three like mr universe then like nelson mandela worldwide authority plus ghandhi and dalai lama to unite religions in my one church of big freedom foundation google it
so yes kill ten billion or none when you respect my creation creator says through his creation and yes here only here at big freedom
and yes gods one world to share so yes countries are not in god and yes brexit trump and all neither but yes again here at big freedom
so yes much spirit needed as less dangerous for you now and your living and in the end will kill ten billion so save yourself and all and yes big freedom does it most as yes most sustainable
and yes creators creation will kill ten billion of you when you don't change and google big freedom party
and yes might say religion says old things about god big freedom set you free to experience creator and creation to learn new or at least most about god to yes dont make you think but set you free then yes as all one in the end same
or short religion by man can be limited big freedom by god hope most free and yes in god
trust in god and hewill kill ten billion soon or yes learn to respect him and he will kill none as yes in big freedom
and yes god not in religion but in all of us and yes here for it big freedom one church 
one creation one god one church but yes many people many churches and yes with end time timing ok but more more to get more in god asp said and yes too google it big freedom foundation

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