So yes one creation one creator one god needs one church

for yes all churches and none too for all in creation

so yes all welcome to go there way in creation

more soon but what more to say

so for now as always welcome


and yes no choice but to be in creation and so in creator




and yes could say religion is delusion whereas the one is very real google big freedoms one church
and yes when ask for three like mr universe then like nelson mandela worldwide authority plus ghandhi and dalai lama to unite religions in my one church of big freedom foundation google it
so yes kill ten billion or none when you respect my creation creator says through his creation and yes here only here at big freedom
and yes gods one world to share so yes countries are not in god and yes brexit trump and all neither but yes again here at big freedom
so yes much spirit needed as less dangerous for you now and your living and in the end will kill ten billion so save yourself and all and yes big freedom does it most as yes most sustainable
and yes creators creation will kill ten billion of you when you don't change and google big freedom party
and yes might say religion says old things about god big freedom set you free to experience creator and creation to learn new or at least most about god to yes dont make you think but set you free then yes as all one in the end same
or short religion by man can be limited big freedom by god hope most free and yes in god
trust in god and hewill kill ten billion soon or yes learn to respect him and he will kill none as yes in big freedom
and yes god not in religion but in all of us and yes here for it big freedom one church 
one creation one god one church but yes many people many churches and yes with end time timing ok but more more to get more in god asp said and yes too google it big freedom foundation
then a bit more to the church and all as to a friend

then to the video on you tube too and yes good and more


then yes jesus way to what god said then too what god did or yes we do what creation and yes sure creator wants 


luciferians can try but do nothing against creation and creator only temporary


and yes of course establishment runs things for themself but there are some like adventists and yes foundation and yes sure creation and creator


and yes creation got created before more


then point is save in this life and after only way to learn and do creation and creator deeds and words to humbly answer the email after this one so yes bible done then maybe bit more creation deeds too just maybe


global change of temperatures even he said so yes they did and will and waters will fall and rise as they visibly do so yes video good but always more


one part of future of america can be yellowstone rich in bunkers get all all others dead together with billions worldwide or yes humbly none in god and foundation


and yes establishment divides and rules and never pays any taxes as long as countries not one world without borders as it is created let god not humans make thoughts and all


and yes food fabricated not natural or yes reserves in nature not agriculture and all only way in god so yes video good but again


point is saved here and after point of foundation and yes both of us too


and yes debt transfers to establishment same as work or yes business for living less people much land reserves in nature and all workers are owners too or yes of robots and we create and care and so on then yes


and yes charity for rich too poor want human rights not only charity but yes charity too


so yes god soon himself or through his creation but sure in meantime change not not


and as to too much people maybe were more needed but looks like lesser or yes creation means creator will said in his deeds creation will and words like revelation and new earth about right amount and as to success since illuminate ten times more people but yes god will


and yes marriage part of all even human law by god as all his reality


and yes no abortion but prevention


and yes buy whats not on tv when dont like adds


one world one god is so yes why not yes to divide and rule for establishment


and yes mark of the beast might be as well phone


and god coming himself or yes through creation be ready in mind and do what can too foundation of foundation


not if say all religion lead to god or yes only one more more or less and more to try but not for us to tell but god as yes jesus


and yes gods reality most powerful sustainable right in god and all and will work the more the more in it


so yes he says as pen beats the atomar bomb foundation too can be one of the trumpets of jericho as mentioned against establishment for all and one


so yes one god one love



then myself reborn adventist 


so yes have to change foundation 


but under construction anyway


then yes how to change


some say human rights are fantasy then only call for charity or yes both in jesus


other cornerstone un to police countries another fantasy but sure jesus was nonviolent


connected to it one world yes another fantasy then didnt god created earth without borders


and yes how else to stop establishment from dividing and ruling and yes not to pay any taxes 


then enough can see yes reborn in reality but why not try more sure god is more


then yes god coming soon himself so why consider when he came through his creation then why not


and yes point of it all saved here and after


then why not saved here when accept gods reality and after when try more 


foundation certainly tries always to the most to be saved here and after


here in being most sustainable and after in many ways soul program and all in big freedom life


left yes things did and will happen to kill people foundation sees it as lessons from god why not


so yes is reborn accepting reality or trying more or yes both in god




and yes stephen or deidre or how you call it all one universe creation god all very real and yes will be as yes said




Then yes all the 5000 gods one and all to join big freedoms one church




one world one god one belief and yes one science and all for yes to more one




god doesn’t change humans learn yes my big freedom one church and party




yes one creation one creator one church my big freedom one church google and join what joined its free



short creator creation one one creation one creator one church big freedom one church google and join what joined its free



then more one creation one creator many churches means each church in itself is wrong but my big freedom one church



point once said how then could it be that only eternal when try to save all instead some and then only my big freedom one church



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