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yes some things selling not free but certainly cheapest or whennot best


right now only some in ebay under fred treutlein


but yes let me know and you will get


anyway hope ok




then something special


for 95 % of the time

for longer add food

nobrainer with all to start

about 498 dollar


What exactly is in The SEVENTY2?  We're glad you asked!  Listed below are all of the pieces of the SEVENTY2:

SEVENTY2 Technical Exterior Bag - 600D waterproof tarpaulin construction, 1500 cubic inch capacity.  A roll-top enclosure for a quick and air-tight seal.  One waterproof pocket, 2 large hip pockets, a reflective logo, an emergency whistle and an external water bottle pocket.

Interior Bag Insert - Purpose built, rip stop nylon interior bag to hold all the SEVENTY2’s components in an organized manner.  Each pouch clearly identifies its contents. The insert includes basic survival advice screen printed for easy reference.  Two HDPE plastic panels add lightweight rigidity and can be removed to act as improvised snow shoes or a splint.

Duct Tape - 5 yards of bright orange, fold-flat duct tape ready for use. 

Datrex Food Bars - All-natural, high-calorie and delicious. No preservatives and USCG approved with a 5 year shelf life.  These high calorie bars have been trusted by the USCG for years.  Package of 18 survival bars packed with 200 Calories per bar, 3600 Calories per pack, sub packaged for easy rationing and storage.

Paracord - 100 feet of ultra-strong red polyester paracord with a 7 strand core, 5/32" diameter. 

Antibacterial wipes - 50 anti-bacterial wipes for cleaning and sanitizing. Resealable plastic package.

Sawyer MINI Water Filter - The Sawyer MINI Water Filter is rated to 0.1 micron absolute, weighs only 2 ounces, and filters up to 100,000 gallons. Reliable and easy to use, the MINI can be attached the collapsible pouch or a standard water bottle.  The filter can be rinsed to restore 98.5% of the filter’s flow rate. 

Collapsible Water Pouch - Sawyer pouches are collapsible and rip-proof, with a two liter capacity. The pouch can be easily filled in any lake or river, or under a faucet and then attached to the Sawyer filter to purify water for drinking.

Water Syringe - The syringe can be used for cleaning your Sawyer water filter, or for helping clean out cuts and wounds.

Chem Lights - Used for all sorts of emergency lighting in all conditions.  Water and shock resistant. Chem Lights provide a reliable light source in the toughest conditions. Used extensively by the Department of Defense. 

Survival Knife - Black stainless steel tanto blade, paracord-wrapped handle and a nylon safety sheath.  

Magnesium Alloy Fire Starter - Quickly start a fire with magnesium powder or shavings. Highly flammable, the shavings burn extremely hot and will easily light tinder.  A very reliable fire source that works even when wet.

Mylar Thermal Space Blanket - Originally designed by NASA, waterproof and windproof, proven to insulate or reflect heat.  The blanket will protect you from heat and cold.  Lightweight and compact.  

Mylar Thermal Survival Tent - A reflective waterproof Survival Tent provides basic protection from the elements for two adults.  The Mylar material helps retain heat and repel water in an emergency situation. The tent is very compact and lightweight.

Uncharted Hat - A CCS Uncharted Supply Company beanie will keep your head warm.

First Aid Kit - A 50 piece kit with the essentials for cleaning and dressing wounds, creating a sling, or dealing with other basic injuries. 

Nalgene Water Bottle - Secure, light and nearly indestructible.  Instructions and measurements on the botte for staying hydrated when under stress.

Gloves - Tough, leather fingers and palms, insulated.

Convertible Shovel/Pickaxe - A multi-function tool for digging, sawing, chopping, and cutting.  Made of high-carbon steel with a rubber grip handle. Foldable into a compact carrying pouch, and can be easily attached to a belt or backpack.  This is a military issue tool which easily converts between a serrated edge shovel and pick-axe.

Heat Packs - HotHands Hand Warmers are air-activated and will provide up to 10 hours of gentle warmth.  Easily placed inside gloves, pockets or anywhere you feel a chill. No shaking or kneading required; just open the package and it will automatically begin to heat as it is exposed to the air.

Multitool - Compact and versatile, this multifunction tool is a lightweight stainless steel and aluminum construction. 

It features mini pliers, wire snips, small knife, file, phillips/flat head screwdriver, bottle opener and a carabiner. 

Bic Lighter - 2 Bic lighters, basic and dependable.

Flashlight - Compact yet powerful CREE Q5 LED flashlight.  It has an adjustable focus from flood light to sharp beam and easily clips into the integrated shoulder mount on the backpack.  Waterproof and shockproof, 300 lumens. 

Radio/flashlight/smartphone charger - The Eton FR1 is a combination smartphone charger, flashlight and digital emergency radio.  The multifunction digital radio is easily charged by DC power through a mini USB cable, or via a hand crank if no direct power is available.  Once charged, the FR1 will charge most smart phones or other devices via a USB cable.  

RZ Air Filtration Mask - Lightweight, slim and comfortable, the RZ M2 air mask has active carbon filters, with dual one-way discharge valves.  It will filter 99.9% of all particulate matter and will keep you breathing easy.  Adjustable Velcro fit.

Goggles - Lightweight with comfortable rubber construction for a snug fit. The goggles will keep you seeing clear.

Sunscreen - SPF 30, water resistant and hypoallergenic.  Sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful sun exposure.


want to sell them in the uk together with flying fish burger and synthetic hawaiian shirts from grenada and greek wine and german apple cake and spinach and more monopoly big freedom shop



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