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FOR ALL members agree dont agree neutral anything welcome


to appear simply email or yes over contacts or anyway


and yes might add some myself too


anyway always anything welcome





as to members right now lets say nearly 10 then lets say me and friend in germany member and yes one female american pastor in africa said so female friend here with me but too christian to say joined then nearly 10 emails from people asking for money but right now more given than have but yes many of them said joined and waiting who else of course need somebody to carry on then son only when wants to or sure find somebody what else of course 1000s of friends in nearly every country mostly female invited but yes more friends or because still single then yes good for me to write together and yes in contact with some known entities like branson and his unite save the children russell brand nelson mandela foundation yes green part member and yes other foundation like population trust and so on then yes more like not to say jesus he died too with not much but some but grew that's why speaking out and for important then yes members needed or forever in green party instead own one but as said only can start from below and grow when others see person member better off then to country that one better off till yes democracy needs more than majority but place for all minorities too but yes that's about it but real point is say what has to get said and yes what will happen without me or anybody so said then but see need you and all not for me but for you so you all google big freedom foundation and join in leaving email or anyway always free and as said waiting and anything welcome


was paul didn't I say what you said and waiting as to bill yes has to get on and will be here or anywhere and said before waiting and yes there is a group big freedom foundation on linkedin and all to be more linked when time then should be easy to find if google or here always big freedom foundation and yes know always open and public except others don't want to here and big freedom unite there in big freedom foundation to publish anything there emailed again when people want so so know welcome





then answer to longitude prize

can win race against nature only bit further but not in the end but all you do is speed it up with more people more drugs till many people no drugs only way out or yes right robots later or yes big freedom foundation now and forever as always most sustainable so yes i am the winner of the ten million anyway but yes and some about big freedom foundation below and as can always welcome




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