big freedom fund

of the best managed accounts







unique and best investment on the net really for everybody after years of experience

with the best steady performing and most important for safety independently tested managed accounts

(1) 10 % each of the last 30 years with guarantee of initial capital (best no risk)

(2) 15 % each of the last 30 years (best long term)

(3) 30 % each of the last 5 years (best usa)

(4) 70 % each of the last 3 years (best german)

(5) 70 % each of the last 3 years (best uk) and

(6) 70 % each of the last 5 years with guarantee of 50 % of each highest balance (best one)

or simular and other sure investments and hedgefunds


so big freedom fund made a STEADY PROFIT OF OVER 50 % EACH YEAR

costs no more than 1 % of profits as foundation but can get 1 % of profits for investment by others

no minimum so no risk and everybody can and should invest then will see

capital and return guaranteed anytime fully backed by me and bank invested

so again no risk just profit so yes everybody should and thousands are


so to invest simply send any amount for big freedom fund to me at vr-bank D97505 geldersheim

bank code 79069010 account 8953937 IBAN DE53790690100008953937 BIC or SWIFT GENODEF1ATE

or when easier uk account at nationwide sort code 070246 number 08683010

IBAN GB77NAIA07024608683010 BIC or SWIFT NAIAGB21XXX intermediate MIDLGB22

then yes much easier with paypal to email address

and anyway all safe as all open means all online to see

and all free NOW since foundation besides what said all gets invested and guaranteed

and let me know or sure contact me before even just leave email address to keep you informed for free


to give a second alternative can get out of same fund a guaranteed monthly payment of 2 % 

and of course capital and return anytime guaranteed and all else as above


and yes always under reconstruction as life to in particular always guarantee a steady at least 2 % per month and most important in general always in the spirit of all to be the most sustainable investment



fred treutlein

Where to find us:


big freedom foundation



selbourne crescent

wolverhampton WV1 2EB



Phone: 01902 691231

mobile to text 07493102943



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